Industrial elevators in the PE series

PE industrial elevators are available with hoist loads from 300 kg up to 600 kg, which enables the transport of three to six persons. They are supplied with two types of masts and the choice of mast depends on the specific requirements of the customer and on the load and possible location. The square type of mast enables the maximum distance between anchoring points to be as great as 12 m; however, it needs a larger ground area for erection. The flat type has minimum requirements on the ground build-up area; however, it must be anchored at a maximum of every 3 m. The PE series is especially suitable for the transport of persons, tools, and spare parts in industrial environments (dock cranes, smokestacks, oil platforms, towers, silos, and ships). The elevators in this series can be employed in environments with a danger of explosion, where compliance with the ATEX directive is required.

The elevators provide safety and comfort. They are equipped with a centrifugal stall brake and overload detection and have an intercom or another communication connection between the cab and the control room according to the requirements of the customer. The elevators are supplied with a drive with a frequency converter. In the event of special applications, the elevator can also even be mounted at an angle as small as 10 degrees.    
The PE series complies with the ČSN-EN 81-43 standard and can also be supplied fully in compliance with ČSN-EN 81-1.


Industrial elevatorsSérie PE-3Série PE-4Série PE-5Série PE-6
Hoist load300 kg400 kg500 kg600 kg
Platform size1,3 x 0,9 m1,3 x 0,9 m1,4 x 0,9 m1,5 x 0,9 m
Hoisting speed32 m/min32 m/min32 m/min32 m/min
Transport of persons3455
Max. mast height150 m150 m150 m150 m
Distance of anchoring points12 m12 m12 m12 m
Height of mast above the last anchoring point0 m0 m0 m0 m
Supply voltage400 V400 V400 V400 V
Protection63 A63 A63 A63 A
Motor power11 kW15 kW15 kW15 kW