Autonomous elevators

As the name indicates, these are fully automatic elevators for the transport of material and goods when these are being placed in storage or transported. The operation of the elevator is interconnected by means of the latest control systems. DE JONG autonomous elevators can operate as the main control member of a "MASTER" transport system or they can be controlled by the central system of logistics of the given company and operate as a "SLAVE". In order to ensure the fastest reaction time of setting and control, all the autonomous elevators are equipped with components that enable remote management. Rack drive elevators are used exclusively for autonomous elevators so as to ensure the exactly defined height of the roll-out to particular height levels. The capacity of the elevators that are supplied ranges from 150 kg to 2500 kg.

A detailed analysis of the customer's needs is always performed before the manufacture and supply so as to meet the requirements for vertical transport optimally and to ensure the entire stability of the logistical flow.