Industrial elevators

DE JONG industrial elevators are ideal for mounting on stationary cranes, smokestacks, cement factory technology, silos, oil platforms, and in all areas where technological units are mounted vertically and need to be serviced or else maintained. The elevators are specially designed to enable the fast transport of passengers in those industrial areas where high requirements are imposed on safety and reliability. Our industrial elevators are manufactured from high-quality materials. All steel components are hot-galvanized and the cab walls are made of aluminium boards. The cab floor and roof are fitted with anti-slip aluminium sheeting. This design guarantees that the industrial elevators produced by the DE JONG company are resistant against practically all climatic conditions, even in an environment subject to ATEX directions!

All our industrial elevators comply with the ČSN-EN 81-43 standard and can also be supplied in full compliance with the ČSN-EN 81-1 standard.