Warehouse lifts in the SL series

DE JONG offers a wide range of warehouse lifts for the transport of material and persons in warehouses or distribution centres. The advantages of this series are its flexibility and the fact that the lifts can be installed both inside and outside a facility. The customer can specify their needs in terms of the material and goods to be transported. On the basis of these requirements, an optimal lift is configured for them. Various accessories are also available.

The basic SL series consists of lifts with a hoist load of 300 kg up to 3000 kg. Customers can choose from a wide range of platform sizes with numerous options, such as loading and unloading ramps, light barriers, automatic doors, or remote control. In this series, the loading and unloading of goods is possible from three sides, and this can differ on particular storeys. Warehouse elevators with non-standard hoist loads or platform sizes can be supplied to order.

With warehouse elevators, no construction work is necessary. No machine room is needed, and with some applications not even a lift pit is needed. If the layout is changed or warehouse spaces are restored, the elevator can easily be moved or adapted as necessary. That is a huge advantage that saves time and money.

The elevators can easily be installed into a new building or into an existing one. All the elevators are equipped with standard safety elements and a frequency converter, which minimizes the danger of damage during transport.

The type indication SL of warehouse lifts designates the series of warehouse lifts, and the number specifies the maximum hoist load. The size of the platform (cab) in this series is chosen individually and with maximum respect for the requirements of the future user.

DE JONG offers the following types of warehouse lifts: SL300A; SL300; SL400; SL500; SL750; SL1000; SL1500; SL2000; SL2500; SL3000