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Handling building materials

Extending load platform

The platform enables the supplying of individual storeys of the construction site by means of a crane.

The load platform can easily be attended by one worker. The worker extends the platform outside the contour of the building and locks it in that position. The crane places the load on the platform and the worker can easily pull the platform with the load inside, into the building. In the building the load is taken off the platform directly or it is discharged by means of a pallet truck.

The platforms fitted on individual storeys enable the construction crane to be used efficiently for supplying the construction site.

Most frequently, extending platforms are used in areas where the feasibility of occupying free space for the needs of the construction is limited.


The installation of the platform is carried out very fast. The whole platform is installed into the storey of the building by means of a crane. The bearing columns are anchored and strutted between the floor and the ceiling of the storey.

Crane containers