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About the company

The company DE JONG LIFTEN is a manufacturer of quality industrial elevators with a wide range of uses in the construction industry, industrial production, or stock management. In the Czech Republic it was established in 2003 as a subsidiary company of the Dutch manufacturer De Jong’s Liften B.V.


The history of DE JONG dates back to 1919, when the company De Jong’s Liften B.V. was established in Leiden. Shortly thereafter it moved to the town of Hazerswoude, where construction machines and equipment, above all concrete plants and mobile mixers, were developed and manufactured. The foundation was laid for the manufacture of various hoists, winches, and devices for vertical transport as early as that. In 1956 a second production hall was opened in Vianen, where the production was focused mainly on the manufacture of construction lifts.

In 2000 the company moved to a new production plant in Leerdam, where only elevators were manufactured. In 2003, in order to increase the production capacity, a subsidiary, DE JONG LIFTEN CO, s.r.o., was established in the Czech Republic. At first, it manufactured only components for the production of elevators. In 2008 a new assembly and development centre was finished in Leerdam, and in the Czech Republic complete manufacture and assembly of elevators for the Central European Market was started. In 2018 the production was transferred to a new production hall at Borovník.

Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016