Industrial elevators PT500SP and PT1000SP

The DE JONG PT500SP and PT1000SP passenger and load elevators were developed for (semi-) permanent installation in industrial environments. Both these elevators are available in a version compliant with the ATEX directive for use in environments with a danger of explosion.

The PT500SP and PT1000SP can be ordered with an open platform or closed cab. The door of the cab can be actuated either mechanically or automatically.

The PT500SP load elevator has a platform 150 x 150 cm and a hoist load of 500 kg. It can transport a maximum of six persons and the maximum mast height is 75 metres.

A bigger variant, the PT1000SP, has a platform with a size of 220 x 150 cm with a hoist load of 1000 kg. It can transport a maximum of 12 persons. The maximum mast height is 150 metres.

NEWS: Thanks to an improved extension of the mast with five screws, instead of three, with the PT500SP, the distance between the anchoring points was increased from 6 m to 7.5 m.

The PT500SP and PT1000SP elevators are compliant with the NEN-EN 12159 standard and the directive on machinery 2006/42/EC.

The elevators are equipped with a centrifugal brake and overload protection and can be equipped with an automatic lubrication system for the rack-and-pinion system.

The elevators are equipped with a roof hatch for the transport of long objects.


Industrial elevatorsPT500SPPT100SP
Hoist load500 kg1 000 kg
Platform size1,5 x 1,5 m2,2 x 1,5 m
Hoisting speed24 m/min24 m/min
Transport of persons612
Frequency converterYESYES
Max. mast height75 m150 m
Distance of anchoring points7,5 m15 m
Height of mast above the last anchoring point3 m8 m
Supply voltage400 V400 V
Protection25 A32 A
Motor power3 kW7,5 kW