Freight elevator AT1250

The freight elevator has a hoist load of 1250 kg. It uses a rack-and-pinion system for movement; it is therefore suitable for bigger and higher construction projects. The standard size of the transport platform is 2.2 x 1.5 m and it can be enlarged by means of an expansion kit to 3.2 x 1.5 m (hoist load 1000 kg), or 3.7 x 1.5 m (hoist load 850 kg). Expansion kits for the platform can be installed very easily, as all the connection holes for attaching are already present in the standard version. The hoist is further equipped with an overload detector.

The AT1250 is fully compliant with the directive on machinery 2006/42/EC and is approved in compliance with ČSN EN 12158-1+A1.


Freight elevatorAT1250 
Hoist load1 250 kg
Platform size standard2,2 x 1,5 m
Platform size (variant 1)3,2 x 1,5 m (the hoist load is then reduced to 1000 kg)
Platform size (variant 2)3,7 x 1,5 m (the hoist load is then reduced to 850 kg)
Hoisting speed24 m/min
Transport of personsprohibited
Max. height of mast150 m
Max. mast height of the free-standing hoist12,5 m *
Distance of anchoring points15 m
Height of mast above the last anchoring point9 m
Supply voltage400 V
Protection32 A
Motor power7,5 kW

* the basic frame must be anchored