Passenger elevators PT1000F and HP1000F

The PT/HP1000F elevators produced by the DE JONG company have a platform with a size of 220 x 150 cm and are suitable for the transport of goods and persons. The maximum hoist load is 1000 kg or 12 persons with a maximum mast height of 150 metres. The PT/HP1000F with a frequency converter is available in standard form with an open cab (PT) and a closed cab (HP).

The PT1000F is also available in a special version, the PT1000SP. This version was developed for temporary installations in industrial environments, such as incineration flues, silos, and cranes. The PT1000SP can be supplied with a closed cab and a vertical sliding door. The lift can also be supplied in a version that complies with the ATEX directive.

The PT/HP1000F models meet the requirements of the ČSN-EN 12159 standard and the directive 2006/42/EC on machinery.

The lift is equipped with a centrifugal brake, overload protection, and, on request, with a lubrication system for the gear wheels and pinions.


Passenger rack elevatorPT1000FHP1000F
Hoist load1 000 kg1 000 kg
Platform size2,2 x 1,5 m2,2 x 1,5 m
Hoisting speed24 m / min42 m / min
Transport of persons1212
Frequency converterYESYES
Mast height (max.)150 m150 m
Distance of anchoring points15 m15 m
Height of mast above the last anchoring point9 m9 m
Supply voltage400 V400 V
Protection32 A32 A
Motor power7,5 kW7,5 kW